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我们最近介绍了我们称之为(新)80/20的虚拟关系规则。In the first of this four-part blog series, we acknowledged that it’s anything but business as usual these days, but cautioned that focusing too much on the “virtual” part of “virtual relationships” could lead to missed opportunities and damaging long-term consequences. We […]


本文由Andrea P. Howe和Noelle Mykolenko共同撰写。虚拟,虚拟,虚拟。(现在很流行。)虚拟会议。虚拟团队。虚拟的销售。谷歌网站上不乏“11个小贴士”、“5个方法”和“你需要知道的一件事”之类的帖子。销售和人际关系培训提供者很快就会告诉你[…]


We had a really interesting discussion in a team meeting the other day about a trust-building technique that we’ve been espousing for years (one that Charlie Green first wrote about in Trust-Based Selling in 2005 and has been a favorite of mine ever since he taught it to me). We talked about how that technique, when used […]


这篇文章最初发表于Get Real项目。- 我最近从一个委员会获得了一个委员会的批准信,让我知道我的发言人提案尚未被接受。这封信令人难以置信的礼貌。因此如此痛苦地阅读。这是他们写的,我希望的是什么[...]